Welcome to Shruthilaya
As the name indicates - Shruthi the tempo of music and Laya - the taala or the beat combines together to form the basis of Bharathanatyam. Here in Shruthilaya - school of dance, numerous young budding feet are being trained to master this sublime and glorious tradition of indian classical dance by Guru.Hemalatha Prakash. She effectively uses her knowledge combined with the passion for teaching to instill devotion and love for the art amongst her students. They are being neatly carved by the efficient sculptor - Guru Hemalatha Prakash to become the prominent sculptures in this field.

Shruthilaya has had the privilege of having senior students who have completed their arangetrams and have won numerous competetions. The youngsters of this dance class are also heading on their path towards success by setting foot on several platforms.

Guru Smt Hemalatha Prakash firmly believes that the aim of Shruthilaya is the promotion of spirit, soul and senses and also the opening of all human capacities.

This age old dance art is passed on to the keen youngsters of Shruthilaya who will further become the shining stars in the field of dances upholding the name of the Guru and Shruthilaya